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I will spare you all the details of the year we just had. I’ve referenced it enough and you all know exactly what it was…Generally speaking though, I expected a ton from 2020. What happened in September was not one of those things.

I cannot start this story without telling you about Jacques Besner. To most, he is the Coordinator of the Beauty Programs at LaSalle College.

To me, this man has been a great influence in my career both as a mentor but also as an endless source of inspiration and motivation.

I had been taught many bridal techniques during classes he gave at MUSST. As a young artist, hearing and seeing him transform the classic art of bridal and marry it to current trends was fascinating.

I owe much of my bridal consultation techniques to his teachings. 

As I was preparing for the end of a strange bridal season, I got a call from Jacques.  The Beauty program at LaSalle College was hiring, and he wanted to offer me a position of makeup teacher for Module 1 (insert freak out and calls to mom here).

As a mentor I would teach a group of aspiring makeup artists. My curriculum consisted of the fundamentals: Health and sanitation practices, skin care, customer service and of course – art.

Teachers have three loves: love of learning, love of learners, and the love of bringing the first two loves together. – Scott Hayden

Walking through those doors as a makeup educator is a feeling that will never get old!

This quote speaks to me as it perfectly describes me. I have always loved to learn and indulge in as many classes and workshops as humanly possible. Throughout the years I’ve traveled to Toronto many times to attend various seminars. Whether it be a group class with Jacques at MUSST or one on one, I thoroughly enjoy lessons on subjects such as hair care, updos and airbrush makeup artistry.

I want to master my craft and believe it or not, education of self and others allow me to consolidate my knowledge.

I absolutely loved meeting my students, their energy and dedication continues to inspire long after my time with them has passed. 

They’re not only extremely curious and determined, but also marvelously resilient.

These kids (yes, kids because they are younger than me 😉 ) managed to go from uneven and unblended work to what I would humbly call true artistry in the span of 4 months, through the pandemic.

I won’t name them here but they know exactly who they are:

A  C  N  M  A  C  L  N  C  E  K & R : I have so much respect for you all and cannot wait to see what you will create in this field. Bravo les amours xx

William Butler Yates said that Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire and I hope that I lit a fire in each and every one of you.

My day to day

Overall I taught more or less for 25 hours weekly and cared for my students outside of class.

I created homework, corrected it, took care of exams and research to bring the education in a way my prodigies (they are!) could grasp and make their own.

I found some classes to be more rhythmic and full of explanation on my part while other classes were more explorative and hands on for the students.

Day after day, we progressed and unlearnt all we knew about colors, skin and art. Makeup, is a blend of creativity and science. This is key in my opinion, one has to be polyvalent in order to offer rise as a beautician. You have to be able to provide any service and be instinctive in your choices. 

Due to the pandemic, some classes were on campus and others were not. While on campus I met Nivan and Carlos these two rockstars are excellent artists and mentors to watch out for. I was blessed to share my classroom with them.

So in short…

Teaching was truly a most perfect opportunity. I grew so much as a person and artist. Teaching taught me love, it taught me patience, it taught me…ok now I’m sounding like an Ariana Grande song…

I am eternally grateful and look forward to everything that 2021 has in store for me!

Thank you LaSalle, next.

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