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Who is Gabbie

Gabbie McGuire Beauty

Gabbie McGuire is passionate about makeup artistry since childhood. She started telling all her friends and family that she wanted to be a makeup artist at age 13.
She left the city of Ottawa, where she grew up to pursue her education in Montréal. She attended the Academie Edith Serei from which she graduated in 2013.

She then pursued a hair styling diploma from Academie Pure Couleur in 2016.

Gabbie is constantly looking to enrich her portfolio through creative projects and collaborations. Ever the perfectionist, she attends seminars and training all through Québec and Ontario in an effort to perfect her skills, hone her craft and develop her creativity. One of her biggest dreams is to be able to work outside of Canada. Traveling is, for her an opportunity to add to her experiences and bring a new perspective to her work.

It is with great pride that she completed her first contract outside of Canada in 2019, working alongside canadian clients during a destination wedding in Iceland.

For Gabbie, nothing is more important than her clientèle’s satisfaction. She calls her clients her beauties and goes to great lengths to help them get a better understanding of the cosmetic products they use everyday. She launched her monthly newsletter in 2019 with the objective of teaching women simple and yet effective beauty tips and tricks. All the advice given is based on her personal and professional experiences.

She also proudly takes care of beauty blog built to give as much behind the scenes access and beauty insider tips as possible.

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