Lately, I had a very nice conversation with a retired client. This very beautiful woman told me that she had challenges with her makeup. Over the years, she has gotten used to her routine but now she would like to improve it to meet her needs.

Her skin is changing and she wants her beauty routine to take this into account. We therefore planned a consultation session to introduce her to techniques and products appropriate for her needs. If this interests, please feel free to visit my web page for the range of services and reservations.

When I create a makeup on a bride for her wedding, I often have to do the mother’s makeup as well.

In fact, it is often the mothers themselves who hire me for their daughter’s big day. This led me to develop my skills in enhancing mature beauty, a skill I am very proud of. They shine and I am very proud of them.

I want to celebrate and express my love to these moms and grandmothers. You are beautiful, radiant and inspiring.

Indulge and enjoy tips Iève collected over the last 6 years of my career.

Add some of them to your routine because the article is written so that you can learn with ease.

Have fun ladies, and be assured that as always, everything comes straight from the heart.

These mothers that blessed my childhood

Lise for Opto+ shot by Sebastien Sauvage

If you’ve read my post about founding my business, you know my name: Gabbie McGuire comes directly from my grandma’s last name.

It has always been important for my family to connect with my grandmothers, aunts and older cousins. In short, all the women older than me who have given me so much.

I have watched them from a very young age adorn themselves with jewelry, dresses, makeup and beauty treatments.

They read about the latest trends which often offer them anti-aging, anti-wrinkle and other solutions.

It was only during my studies in makeup school that I realized how toxic these solutions are to all those women I love so much.

The harsh truth

It was in school that I learned to unravel the secrets of the ingredients in lotions and products that we love so much. I find that, unfortunately, some of our most coveted companies offer products that contain ineffective or even harmful ingredients.

Unfortunately, these components are not in the ingredient list, by mistake.

It is indeed a malicious loyalty technique with which we create the illusion of healthy skin while weakening it from the inside.

Here is an example: A strong presence of perfumes in face creams. Who says perfume automatically says alcohol, and who says alcohol, says dry skin… it makes sense.

So even if the cream initially moisturizes the face, it dries it out over time.

Result: The customer believes she needs the product without realizing the harm it is doing to her.

Back to makeup school. It is there that I also learned the importance of simple and nourishing routines.

To help you understand what I’m talking about, I would love to show you a tutorial video that I created for Opto+ in collaboration with Jean Coutu. It’s a fine example of how makeup enhances a woman’s beauty. I really enjoyed the experience because the team I had the pleasure of working with insisted on highlighting not only age, but also the beauty of age.

You will notice, dear readers, how easy it is to prepare her skin before applying makeup.  

Also notice how beautiful it is to dare to dance with colors at all ages. Truly a great representation of my work.

The most fantastic part of my job includes meeting people like Lise (the gorgeous model you just saw me glam!) Can you guess what this Queen does outside of modeling?

She is a stunt double: of course right?

In conclusion…

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I have always had a passion for makeup.  Hopefully this post will help your beauty routines. Remember: the most important thing is to love yourself,  have fun and be daring!

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I am thrilled to have this platform on which I can share my love for this industry.

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