Winter wedding

photographer: Bianca Diorio


Winter Wedding

Celebrating your dream wedding during winter is possible with the right team!

Snow, wind and cold temperatures can be a real hassle for your hair and makeup.
That’s why it’s so important to tell me on your trial day where the pictures and ceremony will be done.
As an artist, it will be my pleasure to do a look with the best products to ensure you keep your look all day and all night long.

You’re dreaming of an all in one beauty makeover that will last all day so you can enjoy your husband and guests presence? You surely don’t want your skin to crack under the cold weather and you want your hair to be shiny, not dry because of the harsh winter winds. I am here to insure you get the best treatment possible.

I recommend airbrush makeup so you have flawless skin and a durable look. This water based product lets your skin breath, so it’s perfect for cold days.

Nothing is more important than simply shining on you big day. Winter weddings are becoming more and more popular and I will gladly brave the cold to offer you and your bridesmaids the best makeover possible.

This photoshoot was made in collaboration with Lily Roses Exquisite Events wedding planning team. We had so much fun with the horses, even though they wanted to eat the models hair and her bouquet.

The model is wearing airbrush foundation and a smokey eye with peach lips. As a final touch, I added false lashes, which are always included in my rates.


Gabbie McGuire

Airbrush foundation


La Boutique Champagne


Lala Bijoux



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