Everything I do has a reason, it keeps me focused on my passion and vision. That same passion came through during the creation of my logo. I wanted it to reflect who I am as a woman, as a makeup artist and as an entrepreneur. I love when things are done perfectly since I’m a very meticulous person. I might be a crazy perfectionist, but precision and excellence are SO important to me.

I met with my graphic designer to put down on paper the most important elements in my life. I am a passionate woman who LOVES to bring a part of myself to each person I work with. Get yourself a cup of tea and let me walk you through the secrets behind my logo. 

Women need to start realizing the gem they truly are. We are beautiful, strong and invincible.: just like diamonds. Diamonds are formed from pressure… No pressure, no diamonds! The diamonds I use also symbolize the sacred balance between the feminine and masculine.

The two diamonds you see are the union between my clients and myself.
The final reason why I chose the diamond to represent my art is that I was born in Saint-Vincent and the Grenadines which has diamonds on the flag. 

It symbolizes who I am and where I’m from. Even though I no longer live there, I continue to be proud of my origins; If you want to read more about who I am, read this recent article revealing about Who is Behind Gabbie Mcguire Beauty.

The rose is a flower that represents love and softness. To me, it also symbolizes femininity by being open to the world and yet protected by its thorns.

Though the black rose doesn’t actually exist in nature, it represents audacity and uniqueness to me, and approach I try to bring to all my appointments.

Above all, it represents the spiritual blooming process I went through while in high school. 

I chose a textured gold font in honor of the Kintsugi principles, a Japanese art technique uses gold to reconstruct broken pottery. The Art of reconstructing ourselves is a big part of our journey as spiritual beings and I wanted that to be represented in my logo.


Kintsugi is used as a symbol & metaphor for resilience in psychology. It is a philosophy that takes into account the object’s past, its history and the possible accidents that it knew. The breakage of the ceramic doesn’t mean it is to be disposed of but rather renewed for continued use. It’s not a question of hiding the repairs, but of putting them forward.       Source: Wikipedia

You may notice the slightly worn effect on the font. I chose it to show that imperfection is beautiful. We need to accept our imperfections and love ourselves from A to Z. 

Every decision I made was based on my intuition. I wanted to show a part of me as well as what I’ve been through so far. Since I put so much of myself into my appointments I felt it was only natural to do the same with my logo.

I leave you with this: we are all reflections of our dreams, aspirations, and visions for ourselves!

I hope that this helped you understand the process I went through to present who I am and that continue to bring a piece of who I am in everything that I do.


Gabbie xxx


If you want to discover what my hair and makeup services are all about contact me at // 514.773.6918


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