We are locked in and for most of us, that sucks! Right? Just admit it, it’s spring and it feels a little like we’re missing it.

For weeks now, my team and I have been dreaming of ways to keep you all glamy, entertained and most importantly: happy with yourselves despite the global situation.

As I always say, happiness and beauty start from within. As I sat in my new workspace I wondered: what do women love and then it dawned on me: Women are ritualistic creatures!

No matter the generation, political climate or financial situation, women everywhere have their rituals.

Shiloh by Anais Faubert

From our health, to our appearance, to the foods we enjoy, we implement and remove rituals to our existence all through our lives and thrive when those traditions are upheld.

These little or big things we do everyday become a part of the fabric that makes us. 

And if this quarantine season has taught me anything it is to enjoy the present while looking forward.

So I sat and looked to the present, building two columns. The first listed: who am I? What do I enjoy? What do I do? What do I love? Who do I love? And how do I feel? The second: What do I want?

As the list went on I noticed that some of the things I had been wanting in were not appearing in the first column. For instance, I had aimed to be more active in 2020. I wanted to add different foods to my diet and I was very interested in broadening my general knowledge and understanding of the world I live in.

We build these ‘goals’ but allow our daily grind to conceal their importance falling into the monotony of our routines while seeking comfort in knowing that one day we will do the thing.

Most of us are lucky enough to be dealing with the challenges of working from home. Some of us face unrivaled uncertainty as we prepare for financial hardships and instability.

All of us are facing this global situation with bravery and elegance.

It’s time

Time for personal growth and work around your place;

Julia by Anais Faubert

Time for meditation;

Time for squats (thank me later);

Time to call that old friend you fell out with;

Time to unlearn;

Time to re-learn;

Time to re-group;

Time to refocus.

You’ve been sowed and soon, when the Universe sees fit, you will be ready to blossom.

…And man oh man will it feel like a new awakening. And what a beautiful Spring it will be!   

– Gabbie

A MAJOR thank you to everyone who participated in creating these images
Photography: Anais Faubert
Styling concept: Lily Roses Exquisite Events
Hair: Romain Lemoelic
Makeup: Gabbie McGuire
Models: Julia & Shiloh

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