Is your skin dripping in melanin and honey? Are you black without apology?


Are you getting ready to be married later this year or in 2021 and curious as to how to make your skin glows just like pearls?

Then you are in luck as I have just received bridal work from a project completed before the lock down started.

I hope that this provides you with much needed escapism during these challenging times.






This past March the 3rd, I had the honor of participating in a photo session with a series of entrepreneurs, each more creative and interesting than the next.

Our plan was as simple as it was glamorous. We were to accentuate our beautiful model while respecting the rose-gold theme for our shoot.

By the way, this was absolutely a faux wedding! I do lots of them to hone my skills and practice new trends before presenting them to my clientele.

The rose gold theme mood board created by Reine Prestige Events 

Tip for 2020 or 2021 brides. Share your inspiration pictures, especially your floral arrangements, with your makeup artist. This will help her choose the appropriate tones and undertones for your look.







Here are now my 5 tips to sublimate your black skin!


Tip #1 – Go gold or go home!


I chose a blend of golden hues from Inglot with a generous amount of kohl eyeliner to frame her eye.

These hues are always a classic for dark skin tones. I’ll explain why with a little help from color theory.


To create the brown in your skin you need orange and black.

To create orange you need yellow and red.

Yellow and gold have the same root and that is why it is always a great choice for you.


Tip #2 – Brows on fleek

Despite the fact that most of us have black brows, some of us have lighter tones such as browns. It is therefore very important to always define your brows against your skin tone: especially on your wedding day.

I recommend you let your artist take care of this but you can also learn how I define my brows by clicking the following link 


Tip #3 Be spotless

If you have brown skin like me, you know we are occasionally blessed with dark spots as well as discoloration in various areas on our face.

I suggest you fight this with gentle skin brightening products.

Now be careful, I am in no way suggesting you lighten your skin as any product suggesting you do so is incredibly harmful for you. 

What I do suggest is that you invest in products such as the Pixi by Petra Glow Tonic.

Follow them with your usually moisturizers and serums.


Tip #4 Blush, blush and more blush

My black brides tend not to want to apply blush for their big day.

We already have such an easy to work with tone and it’s easy for clients to feel as though this step is not necessary.

But judging by pictures I believe it is extremely important that you apply generous amounts of blush after your foundation. This can only warm up your complexion and make it look more inviting and youthful.

I suggest a cream based blush to be applied right before you set your face. One of my faves is featured in the following video.

Nada, our stunning model, wore a blend of cream and powder blush featuring some MAKEUP FOREVER products.

I suggest you look into pink or purplish shades as they, in my opinion, warm our sometimes dull skin.


Tip #5 – Smeyes beautiful

Your guests, parents and friends will notice, first, and foremost, your eyes.

My last time is therefore to accentuate them as much as you can.

I did just that using kohl eyeliner on Nada. Here are my top picks for colors that will suit your melanin:

  • Black
  • Espresso brown
  • Midnight blue
  • Aubergine

Don’t be afraid to explore liquid eyeliners as well for an even more glamorous effect.

What really counts, above all, is that you feel like your most beautiful self on your wedding day.

Know that your melanin is rich, and beautiful and unique and enjoy rocking it with your friends and family.

Faithfully yours,

xoxo Gabbie


Thank you to our wonderful team

You can discover their work here:

– Planner and Art Direction | Reine Prestige Events   

– Venue | L’eloi

– Floral arrangements |   Aura Design

– Invitations | Charlotte et cie 

– Photography | Lisa Plus Eddy Photography

Table accessories | Divalocation 

– Furniture rentals | Joe’s Prop House 

– Wedding dresses | Chateau nadia

–  Groom’s suit | Baggi Montréal   

– Cake and Sweet table | Sweet Savour

–  Make-up artist | Gabbie McGuire

– Hairstylist | Amelie Fatou    

– Floral structure and rentals  | Decor and more mtl 

– Model | Nada Piry 

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