2019, year of the lady boss

I created a really ambitious vision board when I started my career. I had clear goals and dreams I wanted to accomplish :

  •       Travel for work, notably to Iceland (I recommend you check out this post all about the experience)
  •       Educate my clients on how to take care of their skin and how to highlight their features (I do this through my fabulous newsletter. Check it out here)
  •       Work in the fashion industry and express how I feel. See my fashion work here

But my biggest dream was to do makeup on some amazing girl bosses because they inspire me with their ambitions, their accomplishments, and their overall fierce personalities.

My ultimate girl boss, the one I have dreamt of glamming since forever is Celine Dion! I love her humility, her hard work and her authenticity. I talked about working with her when I was still at Académie Édith Serei and she continues to be my all-time favorite lady boss and singer-songwriter.

Doing makeup on leading ladies

Cindy Di Pietro – Finance Coach  Makeup and hair by Gabbie McGuire Beauty                                          Shot by Rose Aux Joues Photography

All the girl bosses I’ve worked with during 2019 are as fearless as they are organized, as bold as they are intuitive and as spontaneous as they are strategic. I’ve discovered some fabulous women this year like Cindy Di Pietro.

An entrepreneur who is not afraid to talk about real things, like finances. I’ve had the chance to do her hair and makeup on two occasions this year. Every time, she destroyed everything I thought I knew about finances and money management. I learned so much just by listening to what she had to say with all her anecdotes…

I was very proud to read the good comments she had about my work.

‘’ What an amazing artist. She knew how to make me look my best with every brushstroke and with her magic. A young woman who will for sure go far in her career.’’

A sneak peek of branding sessions with Rose aux joues photographie

When I work with Julie, the goal of the photoshoot is clear: we need to help the entrepreneur we’re working on to position herself and stand out as an expert in her field.

This is usually how the photoshoot goes: our client arrives, we look at her wardrobe together and I start prepping my hair and makeup table.

The session process:

  • I start by creating a modern yet timeless look that makes her facial features stand out
  • Then I continue by making my client’s skin look flawless and enhancing her eyes.
  • We help the client get changed and I style her outfit with her. I ensure everything is in place so Julie can do her magic.
Karine Champagne – Coach
Hair and makeup by Gabbie McGuire
Shot by Rose Aux Joues

I love working with all these women because they are determined, they know what they want just as much as they know to trust my professional ideas and they ALWAYS have inspiring stories to share.

For example, when I work with Karine Champagne, it’s impossible not to feel her contagious energy, her magnetism, and her explosively positive vibes.

When I grow up, I want to be… Just like them!

When I grow up, I hope that I’ll be running a business as big as these women’s businesses.

My mission is to build a business guided by these leading ladies ’ mindset. I will always want to be surrounded by these unique girl bosses.

This year, I also got the chance to meet Mélissa Pothier, a fearless entrepreneur who doesn’t hesitate to literally bare it all for her brand. She has an incredible power to let

go by being herself, being different and refreshing.

Mélissa baring all for her shoot with Rose Aux Joues and Gabbie McGuire Beauty

The truth is, I see a part of myself in every one of these women. I’m not afraid to be who I am and to go out in the business world ready to take on any difficulties.

When I went in front of the camera for my branding shoots, I discovered the art of letting go and just being myself. Below is a shot from an impromptu session with Rose Aux Joues during which the Espace Urbain boutique by Keithy Antoine provided my wardrobe.

It’s a hard but rewarding experience. Social media, brace yourselves. The girl boss era has started and it’s here to stay.

You can also make the girl boss that lies within stand out by booking a branding session.

You can join me or Julie to live this amazing moment at least once in your life. 

I recommend contacting me via e-mail at info@gabbiemcguire.com

You can also contact Julie directly info@roseauxjoues.com

Visit her website here: www.roseauxjoues.ca

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