‘’An excellent makeup artist isn’t only there to make you feel pretty. She’s also the person who makes you feel unique and good in your skin.’’ – Unknown

Winter is already here. The warm and colorful tones we love have left and beautiful snow. This all also means fewer weddings here in Quebec. This past wedding season, I’ve had such beautiful moments with stunning brides. I would like to thank them for trusting me in this adventure. I want them to know how much they’ve been precious in my life, not only as a makeup artist but also as a woman. They’ve touched my heart with all their amazing vibes and heartfelt comments they shared with me and my community after their wedding day.



My career is very proximal with other women and I can’t content myself of little things. I love challenges and I also love taking time for each bride. I love to discover the woman who’s sitting in front of me. My love for others grows with every new person I met, with every woman who opens their heart and soul to me. I don’t only make her skin glow, I do everything I can to make her feel comfortable. If I see her eyes shine, I know I’ve done my job right. I want to please every person I work with. I want her look to be on point, her face filled with light and her eyes fascinating. I don’t want her to go unnoticed. It’s her day, her special moment and I want to de anything I can to make her shine like she deserves, to make her feel feminine and sexy.

Here’s what Nydia had to say about her experience :

«Today, I had the privilege of being dolled up by the incredible Gabbie (again!) I’m not the biggest fan of makeup cause I’ve had some not so great experiences. If it wasn’t the makeup artist who badly wanted to make me x shades lighter, it was the one who was convinced I needed a full facial reconstruction lol.
So needless to say, I kind of stayed away from the makeup chair until last year, when I decided to do an engagement photoshoot. I wanted someone who would give me a natural, but glam look that would enhance my features and my complexion and not drown them in a sea of unrecognizableness. This is what I got and so much more with Gabbie. Le sentiment qu’on ressent lorsqu’on voit le résultat final, qu’on se reconnaît tout en constatant la complexité des agencements de couleur lol, it’s sorcery, but the good kind.  On top of it, she is so professional and fun to be around! Merci mille fois Gabbie for how you make us feel in your chair, inside and out. You truly are a gem!»



Being able to see my client’s comments make me realize how much they appreciate what I do for them on their special day. These words show me I’m exactly at the right place now and I can only be thankful to have taken this road in my life.

Seeing comments lights up my darker moments and genuinely makes me smile.

Mariem had some very simple yet very sweet words :

«Awww! Thank you, you are a joy! Everyone from the wedding still asks about you!!! You really brought positivity and energy 🙂 Don’t change.»

Comments like hers are priceless. Those are the ones that make me continue doing what I love.

Here’s the comment Tatiana, a branding and entrepreneurship specialist who founded Aime ta Marque left:

« I don’t know where to start to recommend Gabbie. She was simply AMAZING. Not only is she really grounded and easily accessible, she is also always available to answer any questions and she is truly interested in the person sitting in her chair. She knows how to make someone at ease, respect the client’s choices and being the expert you need. Perfect technique! Her generosity has no limits. After she was done with my makeup on my wedding day, she stayed to help with other elements that were not related to her work. I am so happy to have had her on my side for this unique moment in my life! »

Reading this made me realize just the type of impact my services good have. I would have never imagined this when I started back in 2015.

I would like to thank each and everyone who booked me for their wedding day, who left me a beautiful comment and every woman who trusted me to be a part of life’s biggest moments.

To thank you for this, I’m doing something special. Since my Facebook page is about to hit 1000 likes, I would like to do an amazing contest where one of you could win a prize worth over 150$. To enter the contest, all you have to do is like this page: HERE.

Because of you all, I get to work my dream job. I love you all! xxx

All the beautiful photography in this article is brought to you by Jean Terry. He specializes in wedding photography, maternity and portraits. I love his approach…if you wish to find out more about his work click HERE

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