When I became a makeup artist, I wanted to share my passion with as many people as possible. I recently had an experience I’ll never forget. This will be part one of my awesome adventure in Iceland.

Weddings are so magical…
Having the honor to be part of a day with so much love is always a treat! It’s these unique moments of happiness that I share with brides minutes before they see the person they will share their lives with. The love and excitement I witnessed during my bridal appointments are memories I will cherish forever. A ball of literally love grows within me!
Well not literally but…ya know!

Before they experience one of the most important moments of their lives, bridal clients need to be accompanied, reassured and understood. It’s so much easier if a partnership between artist and client is established between us even before the wedding day. They need to feel that they can trust me and free themselves from all the wedding stress they can have. We need time to get to know each other better and that’s why I offer all my potential clients a phone consultation. It allows us to see if we are a perfect match like they are with their significant other. To learn the 5 things you need to know before booking any artist, click here! 

My services are sometimes requested in Toronto or Ottawa, but for the first time, a Canadian couple wanted to book me in ICELAND! I recall being so incredibly excited and could not believe what I was about to experience. I prepped and downsized my makeup kit with so much care and attention because I needed every pencil, brush and gloss! I didn’t want to leave anything up to chance and had 0 room for errors. After all, Iceland is 3,899 km away from my studio. I couldn’t really run back to get my setting spray!
To add to that, my clients had booked a total of 9 services back to back. I needed to start and remain organized and work FAST.
I can’t lie, I was nervous, but I couldn’t wait to take care of this amazing couple.

Like you saw, nothing I do is ever done halfway, I give 1000% of myself and take great pride in what I do and how I go about doing it. I want every bride to feel beautiful, glowing and happy to have placed her trust in me as an artist. Doing makeup requires you to step into your client’s personal space for a moment, you need to be in tune with their energy and use everything you have to convey a feeling of peace and tranquility. 

When you place your full trust in the expertise of your make-up artist, everything goes for the best. Getting married outside of the country can present it’s own set of challenges. Couples need to be organized, to think about everything and every single detail. Surrounding yourself with people who fit with you, your vision and your style is of paramount importance.
As everyone knows, brides want to be at her best and shine on her big day and since eyes are the windows to the soul, I used my favorite products to enhance my client’s despite the travel, jet lag and late nights.

I met Jennifer a few months ago. She asked me to take care of her beauty transformation for her wedding and I immediately fell in love with the idea of following her to Iceland to celebrate her love with the man of her dreams. On the morning of the 26th of July, we set foot in the beautiful country of the Vikings: Iceland. We immediately went to the Blue Lagoon, don’t worry, I’ll share all the beautiful views with you later on.

We then returned to the hotel to create the first look for Jennifer, my beautiful bride.

She is wearing the Makeup Forever Foundation. I love it because of its versatility and medium to high coverage. My clients love it because it feels like nothing on they’re wearing nothing.

I also applied the Pixie Beauty blue eye pencil and a Yves Saint-Laurent liquid lipstick because I wanted to create this colorful look for her with a vibrant party vibe.

Lana Nimmons Photography
Lana Nimmons Photograĥy

It was a fun time for me and I’m very happy that she loved the results. She was able to make a remarkable entrance with her friends and family that evening.

Please note that her makeup was still intact more than 5 hours after its application. Products that last and evolve with you are one of the many things I’m proud to offer as an artist.

The second part of this amazing adventure as well as the wedding look will be available soon!

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I can’t wait to be there for you at your destination wedding! 

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