2019 was one of the best years so far for my business. I’ve grown so much on a professional level, but also in my personal life. It is all linked together in the most beautiful way.

I’m so proud of what I’ve accomplished as a makeup artist. I’ve worked so hard and I learned so many new things this year.

One of those proud moments is my first destination wedding. It’ll be in my mind forever and I can’t believe that I’ve met so many amazing people. This year was filled with magic.

As I say goodbye to this amazing year, I want to thank all my collaborators that joined me and all the wonderful clients who trusted me. You’ve believed in me since day one and my business would not exist without you. 

So, what’s in store for Gabbie in 2020?

  • My new and improved website. It’s just magical. You’ll all be able to book your appointments with me online… I can’t wait for you to experience it with me.
  • My newsletter is going to be the bomb, with even more beauty tips and tricks.
  • More tips coming your way with some special guests.
  • More fashion shoots because I need color, texture, and art in my life
  • And hopefully more travel for business and for myself.

It’s with great emotion that I say goodbye to this colorful and amazing year. And with all my gratitude and happiness, I say hello to this new year that can only bring better things than the last one.

Like my dream client, Celine Dion, would say: The best is yet to come. Wouldn’t you agree?

All my best wishes of happiness and success to all the women who follow me and believe in me and who are dreamers, just like me! 

– Gabbie            


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