Who is behind Gabbie McGuire Beauty? 

Looking at the company I’m building, I often ask myself the following question: Do my clients know exactly who I am? I’m going to try my best to answer that question with this blog.

I wanted to share a little about myself with you so you can discover who I am, what I do, how I do it and why. As an artist, I offer more than just makeup. I offer an experience of luxurious serenity to every woman who sits on my chair.
I was born on a tiny island. If you look on a map, it’s almost invisible, but it’s beautiful and I love it dearly: Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. I wear its beautiful landscape in my heart forever. I don’t live there anymore, but it’s part of my origins and I am very proud of that.Map monde Saint-Vincent et les Grenadines
Since it’s hard for me to describe myself, I asked my mom’s help to give you a better idea of ​​who I really am. I am told that I am surprisingly curious and hard-headed: I’m not afraid to try new things or to go towards new people. I have a lot of energy and I’m always ready to help others. My passion started when I was in school and it grew every day until now as a makeup artist… And that same passion is still growing.
As far as I can remember, I have always had the spirit of an entrepreneur. Like we like to say here in Quebec, it runs in my blood. My first customers were my grandparents. I had decided to start my furniture moving company and I had one employee : my baby brother! We moved furniture around the living room and the best part (for us) was that if they wanted to see the furniture back where it belonged, they had to pay up! See? Demand>Supply! We had so much fun playing around like that and, thankfully, had very patient grandparents.
I loved these moments spent with my grandparents, my grandmother especially. She has always been my best friend. Her wisdom, her spontaneity and her strength as a woman still inspires me today. I discovered a true leader in her. She has always been headstrong and instinctive.

The stories of the women in my family continue to push me in everything I do and taught me the following lessons:

– I believe women are powerful and divine being with unimaginable strengths within them;
– I believe they can transmit those strengths from generation to generation. Young women need to learn from these powerful women who have so much wisdom to share. We all need female leaders and models who make us accomplish big things, who make us independent and strong. I wouldn’t be the woman I am today without them.

It’s at the age of 13, that I became hopelessly addicted to makeup. I already felt that I could help others by making their natural beauty stand out. I didn’t understand why but I remember in high school how applying makeup on my friends left me feeling my best.
Over the years, I realized that I could bring a lot of joy to women by pampering them and making their natural beauty shine. I am a woman of kindness, I have a ton of nice little attentions to give and I don’t expect anything in return. I do it because it makes me feel good and it feels right. I know that I can bring so much more than just makeup when I see all those smiles reflecting in the mirror. I feel that they are proud of how they look and even sometimes surprised to see themselves so beautiful. It’s worth more than gold to me when I see them so happy.

Why am I doing this ?
Because I *finally* feel happy and healthy in my own skin and hope everyone can experience the same feeling. The key to happiness is there, in the love we carry through ourselves every day. It’s in how we look at ourselves and how fulfilled we are as a woman.

To honor the love and greatness of today’s women, I decided to take my grandmother’s maiden name. I did it so that the roots, the values, the kindness and sweetness of this name never disappears. That they be passed on through every artist that I hire and collaborate with.
This philosophy is the roots of my company and that is how I’m making my vision come true. I go forward with the conviction of all the good I’m doing to women, all the confidence they’re getting. I always inspire myself with who they are so they can see how much they can shine under my brushes.

Looking forward to make your day even brighter and better by accompanying you in your most precious moments in life,

Gabbie xx

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