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Behind the scenes picture of makeup artist and hairstylist Gabbie McGuire for my newsletter
Picture by: Cedric Simard
Model and concept by: Véronika Béland for Chic Demoiselle



Newsletter time!

I am so happy to be back to blogging. I haven’t posted much of anything in a little while because I got so booked! This is not going to be much of an article but more of an update on my business..treat is as a fun newsletter. 

There were awesome collaborations notably with a stunning jeweler whose collection I cannot wait to share with you.

The picture above was also from an awesome session in collaboration with Chic Demoiselle, an event planning and strategy company based out of the city.

To be truthful though, I missed writing. There is nothing more relaxing and the feedback I have gotten is nothing but positive…you all seem to enjoy connecting with me through my pieces so I figured I would make some time simply to check in and talk about what I have been up to.

First, there was the start of yet another beautiful bridal season. I commenced recruitment for the team late last year and am happy to say that is no longer a one lady affair.

I now have a wonderful team taking care of my website as well as fabulous freelancers that are able to join me on bigger bookings.

That’s correct, I can take care of your hair, your makeup and your nails for your wedding or special event and you only have 1 call to make.

I am now also retailing lipsticks, crayons and glosses, all of which are available during your next appointment with me.
Finally, I launched a page dedicated entirely to my work in fashion and editorial projects.

I started posting on there daily to ensure I showcased every aspect of my abilities. Expect glowing skin and colorful art if you choose to check it out.

I end by wishing you all a fabulously sunny and gloriously glamorous summer.

See you soon xx

Hello gorgeous!

I am so happy to count you amongst my readers!

For over 10 years now, makeup artistry has been my greatest passion.

I am thrilled to have this platform on which I can share my love for this industry.

As a consumer, consider yourself in a safe place to learn, get advice and be guided in this ever evolving world of beauty!

Happy reading xoxo

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