Loved my first article? Here’s the rest of the Iceland destination wedding, for which I had the honor to take care of makeup and hair. If you missed part one, you can read it right HERE! 

So Jennifer’s wedding finally came. We were so excited about her glam… I woke up ready to take her look to the next level! I started by working on her skin. It was necessary that I gave her a good skin treatment before applying makeup on her face and her eyes because the lagoon, as beautiful as it is, can be incredibly drying.

Lana Nimmons Photography
Lana Nimmons Photography

Like I said in my previous article, I can be pretty detail-oriented. I even chose my outfit so it would match with the bridal procession and overall wedding theme. It’s a simple gesture when you think about it but it makes so much sense. I try to do this for every wedding because I end up in most pictures with my clients.

Before going down the aisle, there were the first looks. We wanted to create an intimate moment between the bride and groom.


So I started to take care of Jennifer’s makeup and her hair.  I got the bride finished first and after her crew was ready, I headed straight to touch-ups for the rest of the evening. Jennifer asked a look that matched her beautiful hair color. It was a challenge for me since she has violet and gray hair but I blended my favorite Viseart eyeshadows and she wound up loving it. Do you love Jennifer’s look? 

For her hair, I created an updo with a fishtail braid. It’s one of my favorites because it’s so much fun and always adds a WOW factor to bridal styles. I also did some torsades in her back to showcase her beautiful hair color.

Lana Nimmons Photography
Lana Nimmons Photography

The wedding and evening were both absolutely magical. Just so you know, I always offer my touch up services to all the guests.
In total, I did 4 women’s hair and makeup as well as touch-ups from the ceremony until supper.

Touch-ups are the best way, if you ask me, to ensure that hair and lips are always on point! See for yourself how everything is still in place and intact after 11 hours.

Lana Nimmons Photography
Lana Nimmons Photography

Are you getting married? Have you thought about your wedding day look? 

We can work together to find the perfect look for you and your bridal squad!

Contact me now so you can have the magical experience you deserve.

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All photos are from Lana Nimmons Photography, an amazing Montreal photographer!

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