Day in the Life of a Makeup Artist | BEAUTY HAUL AND HOW TO ORGANIZE YOUR KIT

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Glad to see you’ve taken to my video description in order to discover more of my content! I absolutely LOVE welcoming new readers as much as I do viewers. If this isn’t the first time you read my material here, THANK YOU for coming back, and know that I’m working on descriptions for all my videos!

This time around, I’m doing something a little differently. Upon launching my YouTube Channel, I wanted to bring my viewers behind the scenes with me and show them what it’s like to be a Makeup Artist.

I thus introduce my new series: A DAY IN THE LIFE!

First off, let me introduce you to Maxine, a fellow makeup artist, and good friend. We’ve teamed up to show you exactly what we do as artists when we are not one-on-one and applying makeup to our clients. Simply put: We spend our time (and money ha-ha) buying makeup and makeup-related supplies!


Quick stop at Starbucks to load up on caffeine because who functions without coffee, anyway? Today, we’re focusing on organizing our makeup kits and specifically purchasing products for that. Next stop: Miniso. It’s a new store here in Canada and they have the CUTEST packaging and tons of interesting products. What we really needed were tiny plastic makeup vials and we got a whole bunch.

And here’s why: De-potting our products! We remove all labels first – you’ll see me going at it with another sticker but I learned lighter fluid gets the job done real well also.

If you watch my YouTube video, you’ll see me opening up my skincare bag and showing you my products. Whether you’re a makeup artist or not, I truly believe skincare is super important. I DO have quite a bit of stuff that I can’t necessarily walk you through, but you can definitely visualize the brands, names, and types of products I prefer. Ultimately though, all this stuff gets pretty BULKY and takes up quite a bit of space. Literally, all makeup artists de-pot their products and put them into smaller, more manageable, and space-saving bottles. Makeup enthusiasts: Give it a try!! You’ll be surprised by how much lighter your kit actually becomes. It also allows me to move at a much quicker pace because I feel everything is within reach and where it’s supposed to be.

The shopaholic in me can’t help but mention that oftentimes, having a smaller kit also means more space for new products!

I LOVE to shop and I LOVE trying new things!

Everyone knows that I’m literally shopping online or in person as soon as I have a moment’s break. But I do it for my clients, who mean the world to me.

I also had a few different bottles that allow for droppers and I put a few liquids in there. If you take a look at the video, you’ll see me transferring a toner into a dropper bottle and it’s honestly pretty incredible the amount of space I saved.

When I compare 5 of my full-sized products with their de-potted versions, I’m stoked! I’ve definitely saved myself a bunch of space and my kit just feels more handy and accessible. It went from HUGE to tiny and I couldn’t be more satisfied. Try it out!

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