Be it your first time falling upon one of my YouTube blogs or whether you’re coming back for more: Thank you for reading! I’m excited for you to be here because, for this EDITORIAL MAKEUP tutorial, I teamed up with a great friend and colleague of mine, Cami. She’s super sweet, she’s adorable to work with and I can’t wait for you all to meet her too!

The sun is shining in Quebec and I feel like it’s time NOW more than ever to introduce you all to a splash of color: It’s a great way to intensify your look all while offering yourself a little pick-me-up. But first things first, ladies! Cami has GREAT skin. You’ll notice that real quick but keep in mind she’s a model, has a very intense skin regimen, pays extra attention to what she eats, and has the genes to tie everything together. In her case, I don’t have to use much coverage, however different skin textures, discolorations, and wrinkles are totally NORMAL so NO PRESSURE!

This is also a creative shoot which means everyone in the fashion and beauty industry comes together to work on one and the same project. Simply put, this editorial makeup tutorial might not come off as paced and organized as my other ones, but I definitely feel that the looks are worth putting out there and you’ll get a sneak peek behind the scenes!

Let’s jump right in!

With Cami, I simply start with the Dewy Skin Mist by TATCHA. It’s a great product that micro-exfoliates your skin, gets it ready for the hydration process, and gives you a glowing look. Skipping a few steps in order to attain my editorial look, I go straight into my Crème Lumière Peachlite by MAC, a moisturizer with micro-pigments that helps even out the skin. Cami is now ready for a little Waterblend Foundation by Makeup Forever: It’s light and water-based so I work it onto her skin in layers as I sculpt and warm her face.

Using foundation as concealer, I apply it to her undereye in order to build and infuse more light into the center of her face. After a little finishing powder and cream blush making her color POP even more, I’m done with her skin and ready to move on to her brow and eyes.

Starting with my Brow Shaping Wax by Patrick Ta, I bring all the hairs upward and add a little glow to her brow. Using my Dipbrow Pomade by Anastasia Beverly Hills, I add a few hairs and dimensions to her brow. It’s SUPER natural and I wanted that gorgeous bushy feel! By the way, yes, Cami gives me BROW ENVY every single time I do her makeup – so you and I both, girl, haha!

For the first completed look, I used a little Makeup Forever once again to cover any color on her lids and exaggerated her lipshape with my Bodyograhy Lip Pencil, adding a splash of pink with my Dior lipstick.

This look is just very glowy, simple and super fun!

Cami’s second look starts off with the exact same base and I work immediately on her lid with the exact same shade of Dior Lipstick. It’s super important that if you choose to go this route, that your lip products are safe and effective for use on your eyes. If your product has been in contact with your lips, even just once, you should always use a spatula and pallet to avoid bringing any bacteria to your eyes.

I finish blending off her lid with the VISEART – Editorial Brights Palette and the MAC – Eyeshadows Mint Condition. Watch my video to see the final result on both eyes and watch Cami in full-on model mode as I share a few of the clichés taken in the shoot immediately following this makeup session!

On a final note, I am reading every single one of your comments, I am taking in all of your feedback, I know you love when I show you products directly from my kit, and I know you want me to fix my lighting and my audio… Girl, I am ON it! I am trying to figure it all out, let me just thank you tremendously for bearing with me as I learn the ropes.

Have any questions about my first-ever editorial makeup tutorial? Scroll up and drop me a comment!

Check out what products I used –>

PIXI BEAUTY – Glow Tonic

SHISEIDO – Cotton Rounds

TATCHA – Dewy Skin Mist Min

Rose Quartz Face Roller

MAC – Strobe Cream PinkLite

MAKE UP FOREVER – Waterblend Foundation

LIMELIGHT by ALCONE – Taupe eyeshadow

MAKE UP FOREVER – Loose HD Finishing Powder



KRYOLAN – Crème blush palette

STILA –  Heaven’s Hue Highlighter

BODYOGRAPHY – Pink lipliner

DIOR BEAUTY –  Couture Couleur No766 Lipstick

VISEART – Editorial Brights Palette

MAC – Eyeshadows Mint Condition

YABY – Miscellaneous eyeshadows

MAC – Lipglass Clear

Hello gorgeous!

I am so happy to count you amongst my readers!

For over 10 years now, makeup artistry has been my greatest passion.

I am thrilled to have this platform on which I can share my love for this industry.

As a consumer, consider yourself in a safe place to learn, get advice and be guided in this ever evolving world of beauty!

Happy reading xoxo

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