Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself. 

Coco Chanel


When I go into a consultation with a client, she very often asks my opinion.  I want to create a real connection with her.  I take the time to listen to her.  We look at all the possibilities together.  We search for inspiration images on Pinterest, Youtube, Google and magazines.  It gives me good leads to respect her desires or original ideas to achieve more daring makeup.  I guide her and ask her the right questions to understand her habits, her tastes, her style and how she feels.  I take the time to discover her and I create tailor-made makeup for each one.  My goal is to highlight her eyes, enhance her complexion. I try to respect her facial features as much as possible.  I want her to recognize herself when she looks at the end result in the mirror.  If I see her smile, I know I’ve reached  my goal.


Successful makeup is : Inspired by the face of every woman

♥ According to her taste;
♥ Skin type;
♥ State of mind;
♥ The occasion she is celebrating;
♥ Her expectations.


I can’t do personalized makeup if I don’t have a clear idea of her skin type, her expectations, her state of mind, her intentions.  That’s why I’m taking the time to chat with her.  This is also why I like to learn more about the woman who wants to have an extraordinary beauty : a luminous and perfect makeup for her. 

That doesn’t mean I’m going to put on a ton of makeup to liven up her features and reveal her beauty. She doesn’t need to hide, she needs to awaken the glow in her complexion and the stars in her eyes.  My intention is to make her comfortable with her makeup, to make her comfortable with the features of her face that I’ m going to highlight. This is called natural makeup. A well-done natural make-up can really create an impacting and bewitching effect for your next branding session or during your wedding.

Every day, I practice the art of beauty whether it’s during a branding session with Rose aux joues or during a shoot.  All women feel good if we see them for who they really are, for what emanates from them, and that we can fully enhance their beauty. 

I love it when women choose their look before a special event, photoshoot, TV or movie shoot. It gives me a better idea of the persona to create for them. Often they ask me for my opinion before making the final decision and I am always happy to advise them. What matters to me is to see them totally happy and enjoying this day in style. 

In the end, I want to say that you cannot go wrong as a makeup artist if you have taken all the steps to get to know the client as best you can. After doing all that, I move on to the creation stage.  Because we created this bond between us, the client knows that I will apply the natural colors that suit her perfectly and that her face will shine like never before.

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