I hate days like these

Or should I say: I used to hate days like this!
Days where I was completely uninspired, unorganized and unwilling to do anything about it. I like to call those terrible days: a bad case of the blahhhhs.

Let me paint the picture real quick! It was right at the beginning of bridal season and e-mails, enquiries, and telephone calls were rolling in, I had loads to do with regards to planning my makeup class and the launch of a few interesting projects in collaboration with my favorite vendors but there I was, at 2 p.m, sitting in front of my computer and literally nothing was happening!
  • I tried to post on social media but I felt like I did not have any interesting content to put up right now.
  • Then, I tried calling a friend, but she wasn’t available at the moment
  • After that, I tried putting something up on my website but the internet was not cooperating!
  • I even tried filling some accounting paperwork (at least I could tick that off my list no??) but I was no match for the task.
It felt awful because as a small business owner, I just knew if I didn’t do the things that needed to get done, they never would get done…I wasn’t about to just take it anymore and after much trial and error, I came up with a solution that made sense to me and allowed me to get out of my rut and get back to running my life like the boss chick I am!
Here it is, in hopes, it helps you too!
    1. I got up, got out and took a breath:
      Literally get up, walk around the block once or twice and try to figure out what you wanted to get done today. Even it’s just one thing. That way when you get back to your desk you will have that one thing to focus on!

    2. This is my favorite: I grabbed some kombucha:
      Sounds silly right? But did you know Kombucha is full of POLYSACCHARIDES, a fancy word that describes amazing energy sources??
      Kombucha has really been a lifesaver for someone like myself. I just feel that much more focused and energized after drinking it and knowing it has great antioxidants makes it a complete and guilt free beverage.
    3. I called mom:
      Yes, I know this will make me lose cool points, but honestly, your mom knows you better than anyone. If possible, try sending her a quick text message or call her and tell her about your day, she can recommend things you would never have thought of and cheer you up while she’s at it.
    4. I made a list:
      Using one of my all-time favorite apps TodoIst I simply categorized everything I had to do and wrote e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g down…this allowed me to view what needed to be done and why. That meant less stress for me and I immediately felt more confident and ready to attack my tasks! It’s a precious little gift from the Tech gods and yes, you can use it on your phone too
      Download it
    5. Finally, I remembered what got me feeling bad in the first place:
      Blahhhhs usually don’t just happen. They are usually a result of a situation of the past. Sometimes it’s simply your perception of a past situation that is responsible for the way you feel right now. Try to go back to the first time you felt bad.
      Once you have it in mind, write it down and keep it somewhere. Do this every single time you get the blahhhhs…after a month or two, look at your list.
Who knows, maybe you’ll uncover a toxic pattern you are unconsciously engaging. Maybe you’ll realize that the blahhhhs usually hit you right after you’ve seen a friend, family member or business partner. It won’t be easy but sometimes cleaning up your habits and your circle can be the best thing you’ve ever done for yourself.
At the end of the day, just remember that the Blahhhs happen to the best of us. Don’t beat yourself up about it, just chill and understand that odds are something somewhere is probably trying to tell you something!

Here is to a life with fewer Blahhhs!


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