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Every year, makeup artists everywhere are asked to participate in various projects to enhance their portfolio and hone their craft.

The behind the scenes of these projects is often kept under wraps so I decided to create this piece to lift the curtain and let you explore this world of mine. Welcome to the behind the scenes of a make-up shoot.


Staying organised

To shoot and succeed in creating beautiful pieces to showcase your work, you need to be organised. Thankfully, the team for this project was in the wonderful hands of Reine Prestige Events.

She provided us with her amazing vision as well as all the details necessary to complete our project.

Vendors also receive what is called a call sheet. This document details the day’s schedule to ensure the team all have time to create the vision and get all the content for the day.

We also receive what is called a moodboard, I use it as a base of inspiration. However, I always inject my own creative ideas to the final look to make sure it is something that my clients themselves would love.
In this case I used the nude/rose gold inspiration and added some Inglot gold eyeshadows to increase the wow effect on our model Nada. All the wonderful documents I just spoke of are visible at the top of this blog!




The day of the shoot

On the day of the shoot, every vendor is called to arrive in accordance with the call sheet.

I personally chose to set up in the best lit area and unpack my kit, placing the items I know I will use closest to where the model sits.
In this specific shoot I also had a few items to set up and take pictures of my own.

I used a blend of Makeup Forever and Ben Nye Makeup on her face and finished with a pair of my favorite lashes.

Her hair was styled and off she went to the first dress provided by Chateau Nadia.

Throughout the shoot I am tasked with maintaining the makeup look and sometimes pushing it to evolve with her style.

That being said, this shoot was about showcasing my aesthetic so I chose to stay within the same theme. Here I am discussing my approach:





As I did for Nada, I highly recommend you use a wet beauty sponge to blend your foundation application.

Why?: Wet sponges distribute your makeup more evenly and, combined with correct products, contribute to giving your skin a dewy finish.

For more tips for black skin, visit my previous post 5 tips for black brides HERE

Nada, our model then changed into her second look. Before we knew it the shoot was completed and we finished our day laughing and looking forward to seeing the full shoot by Lisa + Eddy Photography.


After the shoot

Due to Covid 19 we did not have access to our shoot right away. But once the content came in it as time to promote our awesome work.

Makeup artists mostly promote on social media so me and Reine Prestige Events chose to collaborate on an Instagram live conversation where we spoke on our respective careers as well as the bridal industry during the pandemic.

I will be hosting another Instagram live at 2pm on Friday, May 29th in collaboration with Mell_Dee

This time, we will be diving into what it takes to be a model, how the industry is changing as well as the necessary steps you can take to care for your skin like one of Montréal’s top models.

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As a bonus you will also receive all the links to the tips and product we talk about after the live.

Hoping you and yours are staying safe and beautiful as always.

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Thank you to our wonderful team

You can discover their work here:

– Planner and Art Direction | Reine Prestige Events   

– Venue | L’eloi

– Floral arrangements |   Aura Design

– Invitations | Charlotte et cie 

– Photography | Lisa Plus Eddy Photography

– Table accessories | Divalocation 

– Furniture rentals | Joe’s Prop House

– Wedding dresses | Chateau nadia

–  Groom’s suit | Baggi Montréal

– Cake and Sweet table | Sweet Savour

–  Make-up artist | Gabbie McGuire

– Hairstylist | Amelie Fatou

– Floral structure and rentals  | Decor and more mtl 

– Model | Nada Piry 

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