I was incredibly inspired by the response to one of my latest blog pieces, Blossom

The challenges presented to a make-up artist were unexpected but did come with their set of advantages.

Notably, I was blessed with a different type of workload and schedule.

One that permitted me to truly take the time to connect with many of you, defining the best ways to educate and empower you on beauty and cosmetics.

Here’s to the beginning of a new experience for you! One that is as optimized as it is exclusive: Here’s to Blossom Society


Since 2015 I have been obsessed with my job. The joy I bring to my clientele, the ability to work with so many awesome people while discovering new techniques and products continues to keep me on my toes.

There is always a new challenge, a new opportunity to explore.

You have all been so awesome and inspiring to me, I am incredibly grateful.

For a little girl, born in the west indies and raised in Ottawa this has been one glamorous ride!

It encompasses every side of my personality as well a the 4 principles of Ikigai:

What I love – Absolutely!

What the world needs – Yes, the world needs more beauty, more empowered women of color and more glam…of course!

What I am good at – Judging by your words, I would say I am appreciated and good at what

What I can get paid for – My business grew by 40% last year…
Curious about me? My bio and where I am from? Check out my blog WHO IS BEHIND GABBIE MCGUIRE  BEAUTY

Creating their look their way is a way for women to empower themselves. Contributing to that while growing as a young woman is my reason for being.


The response to my monthly beauty tip has been fabulous. Our newsletter (yes, it is as much yours as much as it is mine) has grown 3 fold in under a year and continues to reach & educate women as far as California!

I’m never actually satisfied so it is high time I offer us an upgrade. 

I want to do more. I want to be your beauty oasis, I want us to be a community. 

We’ll be our own not so secret society, blossoming into empowered and educated ladies!
Gone are the days of not understanding what to pick up at the beauty aisle.

Gone are the endless and expensive journeys through Sephora 



Ladies I have invested so much brain juice and time into this…

You can expect beautiful exquisite newsletters thanks to a new platform.

More advice → The tip of the month will stay but I’ll go into more detail to enhance it’s efficacy for ya! You may also receive more than 1 letter per month but I pretty promise never to exceed 3 😉

Exclusive videos → Last month I sent a video of mother’s day. You ladies LOVED it so expect that to come back!

Events → You will be informed first about launches and events! AND Blossom members will always benefit from special pricing!

Collabs with gorgeous multicultural Queens, hairdressers and photographers.

And soon, very soon actual savings brought to you by yours truly.

I have been behind the scenes on my own discount code for products I can stand behind.

…but that’s for another time!

In the end, Blossoming into the best woman we can be is a process I wish to all of you. My goal is to help you along the way by doing what I do best.Are you ready to join the Blossom Squad?

If you are already subscribed to my newsletter please do not worry. Your email has already been transferred to the new platform and you should receive e-mails as per usual on the 1st Monday of each month!
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If you are not yet a member and seriously what are you waiting for?

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I cannot wait to chat with you!

Hello gorgeous!

I am so happy to count you amongst my readers!

For over 10 years now, makeup artistry has been my greatest passion.

I am thrilled to have this platform on which I can share my love for this industry.

As a consumer, consider yourself in a safe place to learn, get advice and be guided in this ever evolving world of beauty!

Happy reading xoxo

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