Makeup was always like magic

To me, makeup has always seemed like a magical tool a person could use to switch up their mood and enhance what is naturally theirs. Unfortunately, during my high school years, my love for makeup turned into something negative. I had absolutely no self esteem or confidence and used the products I purchase to completely alter my appearance.

My goal was to hide as much as possible. I had dealt with racism and discrimination in my earlier years…

Gabbie seventeenth birthday

My goal was to hide as much as possible. I had dealt with racism and discrimination in my earlier years and had grown to not really like what made different.

A day without makeup was a day where I felt out of place, ugly and unacceptable into society. I avoided those days at any cost, carrying a touch up kit with me and hurrying to the washroom to touch up after almost every class…

It was only once I graduated high school, moved away from Ottawa to Montréal that I found some sort of inner peace with myself.
I had my own place, a job and I was actively pursuing my career in the beauty industry. My place in world was becoming more and more defined and so was my self confidence.

With each year came a new set of challenges and a great deal of personal growth. I met some fabulous ladies and my perception of things changed. I started to understand what it meant to be myself. I also realized my Power had nothing to do with how I dressed or even what was on my face…

The goal, for me, is to help make the world of cosmetics easier on you…I’ll help shop while saving time and coins through tips and tricks, videos and real product reviews as well.

My hope is to also be able to inspire you with every memory, point of view or challenge I share on this platform! The city has been full of surprises for me and I continue to fall in love with the process of building my business more and more each day.

So here it is…my first post already done (I hope it was not too bad)

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